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Huge thank you to all the donors - without you these masks wouldn't be getting to those who need them.


Special thanks to the doctors who have helped test these masks along the way. One doctor in particular, Chris Kapp, MD (@kapper125), not only helped spark this idea, but also for some unknown reason agreed to be the guinea pig to try our prototypes in his hospital. He has provided invaluable feedback throughout this process and his efforts cannot be understated.

Thanks to Nick Allman (@nickallman) for the design collaboration - it's not every day 2 designers can work together seamlessly, especially when it's the first time we've really worked together. Also thanks to Scott Spitz (@morexfire) for the incredibly efficient assembly work, and the handful of volunteers including but not limited to @nini011530, @jkinnaman7, & @s_kinnaman who have spent free time adding ties and toggles to the masks. Thanks to Noel-Smyser Engineering (parent company), who has donated tons of time and resources into this process.


The #Zmask

Generous people throughout the country have rallied around a cause by making personal donations to provide masks to those who need them most. Due to the mask shortage in hospitals and elsewhere during this crisis, our ultimate goal was to provide masks that can act as a durable stand-in for N95 masks. The bulk of the mask is made from readily available and inexpensive materials with specific properties, while the scarce filter material is kept to a minimum. After 13 design renditions, tedious tinkering and most importantly the testing feedback from @kapper125 we were finally happy enough with the masks to start production and distribution. We also thought it would be a fun way for donors and recipients to connect by adding the "donated by" labels that feature the instagram handle of a donor on each mask.

Check out the Zmask Gallery for photos of the design and prototyping process. Here are some Zmasks in use:  

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